Kosi Forest Lodge - the place of the leatherback turtles

At Kosi Forest Lodge you can view Leatherback Turtles come 

At Kosi Forest Lodge you can watch giant leatherback turtles struggle ashore at night to lay tens of thousands of their eggs on our beaches - an experience of a lifetime.

The giant turtles, weighing almost a ton, swim thousands of kilometres, lumber ashore and up the beaches to lay their eggs in holes they dig in the sand.

Luxury Bush accommodation at Kosi Lodge

When the eggs hatch vast numbers of baby leatherback turtles struggle down the beach towards to sea. Many are taken by predators before they even reach the first wave. The turtle 'season' is between mid November and mid-January.

Kosi Lake for fishing - Kosi Reef for snorkeling

Located in the North of the Maputaland Elephant Coast, visitors of the Kosi Forest Lodge can also enjoy guided canoeing trips on the Kosi Lake system, snorkeling on the Kosi Reef, fly fishing, forest trails and bird watching.

Kosi is also a great place to learn about the unique cultural and economic traditions of the Tonga people.
The lodge accommodation is 'luxury bush' with en-suite open air bathrooms enclosed with reeds.

Kosi Forest Lodge - experience the delights of Maputaland.

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